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Athena Advisors have a variety of properties covering everything from ski-lodges, city lofts and beach apartments. Their property portfolio is at the luxurious end of the spectrum and they needed a web design that both reflected the affluent nature of their French property portfolio as well as the depth of their services covering mortgage and property buying advice.

The new web design presented us with a unique challenge, the website was to have a strong business to business focus, but with enough business to consumer language to garner solid enquiries for properties as well as other services. We set about creating a bold online home for Athena's properties and range of services, utilising incredible imagery and location data, wrapped in a beautiful design.

Our affectionately dubbed 'big orange search bar' was an instant hit, and the fresh approach to creating a simpler way of finding and filtering properties has meant Athena are well ahead of their competitors in the same market.

athena advisors homepage

The New Web Design

Strong visuals lead the way, the beautiful images Athena have of their properties go a long way in selling the properties themselves. The design for the homepage incorporates a large scrolling header, with functional and aspirational images.

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Selection of sub-pages. Every page is uniquely designed, and optimised for the content on that page. Rather than a single template repeated for every page on the website, each top level page is crafted around the content that needs to be presented on that page. Visual consistency is achieved through navigational elements, header placement, font use and tempo of the page.

Clear have helped us to completely realign our brand proposition. The visual language they created is now part of many communications tools we create. The website they've designed and built is truly market leading, and helping us gain even more traction in a highly competitive market, it is beautiful and functional, no one else comes close in terms of design. Our challenge was huge, to encompass all of our services and values into a single website that was easy to navigate and scan but allowed for depth of information, and Clear have helped us deliver on that. We're looking forward to what the future holds and working with Clear even more closely on future projects.

Hadjira Beloucif - Marketing Manager, Athena Advisors

The Big Orange Search Bar

Clicking the magnifying glass in the main navigation elements reveals a big orange search bar, overlaying the current page or content a user might be looking at. The user can then carry out a live keyword search from anywhere on the website. Results are presented to the user as they type, and refines itself the more a user types. These aren't mini results, or just the top 5, it's the full search - ready and waiting everywhere on the website. It's an elegant method of keeping the user on a page of content, and allowing them to get an immediate overview of whether Athena have properties they'd like to see. A user can click on a property to see more details, or dismiss the search and go back to the content they were looking at.

Click 'GIF' in the image above to see an animation of the process.

athena advisors searchpage
athena advisors propertypage

Detailed Portfolio

The portfolio is designed for bold use of images and immediate readability. We show as much as we can to the user up front, especially the content that really matters to them, location, features and cost. The user has the option to search by keyword or through the use of tags, allowing them to quickly drill down to a list of properties in France perfect for them.

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