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Blank Flowers originally approached us to talk about an e-commerce store that allowed potential customers to buy potted plants as gifts. The customer could also customise the plant with messages and photos that would be attached to storks embedded into the soil of the pot. Novelly, Blank Flowers would also allow customers to choose their own combination of plant and pot, to further personalise the gift.

With that in mind, and alongside a more traditional e-commerce feel, we wanted to make the buying experience as creative as possible. We designed and built a 'plant builder' web app type interface, where plants and pots are presented as a built combination in an illustrative and cut-out style. Users can then cycle through the various options to visually build their perfect combination.

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E-commerce Website Design

The new website is based on the popular online store management tool Magento. It's an incredibly powerful system that lets website owners to manage their stores down to a very fine detail. The new design allows users to jump to the standard store or open the Plant Builder interface quickly.

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The Plant Builder

The Plant Builder is an awesome method of flicking through the various plants and pots before settling on your perfect plant and pot combination and moving into more custom options.

The interface opens in a dedicated browser window, and feels like a completely unique experience, but it all integrates into the same content management system. Illustrations of the pots we're commissioned, and images were given a cut-out effect to make the whole experience feel very hands on and natural.

Click 'GIF' in the image above to see an animation of the process.

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Selection of pages

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Once a customer buys a plant, we want to make sure they can get the most out of it and look after it for months, if not years to come. Rather than leave it to chance, we devised a set of easy to understand icons and instructions explaining how to care and nurture your plants.

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Mobile Ready

The website allows customers to access the site from a variety of different devices, and then pick, customise and buy their perfect plant gift.

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