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Having grown rapidly from three to eleven coffee and sandwich shops in a few short years, FT5K approached Clear to help create and establish a new brand and range of other printed collateral. With a broad range of different assets, the work involved packaging design, print design and signage.

ft5k logo1
ft5k logo2
ft5k logo3

Knowing the logo and brand was to be used across a range of different packaging, print and other collateral we set about designing a highly versatile logo. That allowed itself to be used in a vairety of set configurations depending on usage. All the time retaining brand visiblity and recognition.

ft5k brandarray1

Suite of various printed items. We thought about the smallest things, sugar sachets, right through to bags that customers would be leaving shops with, making sure that brand and personality were highly visible.

ft5k cupsarray
ft5k cuphero1
ft5k cuphero2
ft5k carddetail
ft5k tincup

We wanted to concentrate on the details when it came to the coffee cup packaging and collateral. Every single take out cup is a walking advert for FT5K, so we wanted to create something that was bold and stood out, but the customer would still feel good holding and walking around with. With a vibrant colour scheme and design, the cups would work as an easily identifiable calling card all year round.

ft5k crisp

The range of packaging design we created was wide. This particular range of fast moving consumer goods were purposefully designed to feel premium, even though the price would belie that. They were designed to show off the product and immediately convey their nature, in this case colour helps denote flavour, as well as reinforce the brand.

ft5k bags1
ft5k bags2
ft5k bags3

Goods being sold that were meant to be kept for longer periods of time were purposefully designed to feel down to earth and homely. We wanted customers to feel like the packaging wouldn't feel out of place in their kitchens, and felt aspirational. The customer needed to feel like they were buying into something good and worthwhile. The premiumness of both product and brand is communicated through lovely images and materials used for the packaging itself.

ft5k carrybags

Range of bags

ft5k boom

Taken together, all of the assets build upon each other. The brand doesn't have to be screaming at the cutomer, because we create a suite of designs that all compliment each other in various use cases. Through the use of clever language and design cues we're able to design packaging across a range of FMCGs as well as smaller in-shop assets, where everything feels like it belongs to the same family.

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