Awesome On-Boarding at Central Working

Central Working is blazing a trail in the co-working revolution. Much more than simply shared space, Central Working offers the support, infrastructure, tools and connections to generate momentum and recognition for growing businesses.

The secret to creating this ideal environment for growing businesses is Central Working's team. Getting to know members, understanding who needs what, who knows what and who shares what, these knowledge ninjas join the dots, making member introductions which accelerate business growth. As a rapidly growing business itself, Central Working needed a way to induct team members and exploit the skills they bring to the business while ensuring a consistently awesome and engaging Central Working member experience across an expanding number of clubs. This is more than just employee engagement, it's a complete package of employee brand building, training and care.

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Awesome Starts Here

Employee engagement starts at induction day, each new team member receives their entry pass and lanyard in an Awesome Starts Here presentation box comprising:

  • Welcome Aboard letter from founder James Layfield
  • Your Journey To Awesome brand manifesto
  • The Awesome Quest onboarding challenges
  • Your Awesome Record to capture onboarding highlights
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The Awesome Reveal

central working detail

Awesome Detail

central working journeytoawesome

Your Journey to Awesome Brand Manifesto

central working questcards

The Awesome Quest Onboarding Challenges

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central working book1
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Your Journey to Awesome, Brand Manifesto

Incorporating the founding narrative of Central Working, Your Journey to Awesome is a brand manifesto and route-map which helps new hires to rapidly absorb Central Working culture and progress from Nervous Newbie to Central Working Cultural Attaché by adopting Central Working behaviours and lexicon.

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Your Awesome Quest

We created The Awesome Quest to help new team members quickly adopt Central Working culture and behaviours. The game is designed to allow new hires to play to their own strengths as they gain confidence, play a W card whenever they need to ask for help and record their awesome activities as they progress. Originally conceived as a stand alone mobile app, we're using the print incarnation to test and learn before developing a mobile app.

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central working diary
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Your Awesome Record

By recording weekly highlights for the first two months, team members build a record of their growing awesomeness, swapping stories and sharing knowledge with fellow team members, to strengthen team relationships and spread their new experiences and knowledge.

central working beyond
central working beyond1
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Beyond The Box

Far from being a creative solution in isolation, Awesome Starts Here holds up a mirror to Central Working culture and captures the essence of the brand which lives and breathes through the team and employee engagement and each Central Working member's experience.

Awesome Starts Here is not limited to the first weeks of team onboarding, but provides the basis for ongoing training and development, team-building activities and capturing those member success stories which will underpin Central Working's own growth.

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