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Central Working Launch Website


When the founders of Central Working approached us to work with them on their new website, their first fledgling co-working space was still a building site, and all they truly had in place was a logo and a personal blog set up by one of the founders. As a start-up, Central Working wanted to retain the 'blog' feeling for their website which allowed them to easily interact with prospective members as well as giving them a platform to communicate build progress, launch news as well as being able to quickly test the waters with different types of memberships and news.


The only thing we had to work with when originally approached by Central Working was a logo they had already designed, and a personal blog set up by one of the founders with a growing number of posts.


An illustration was commisioned which became a feature of the wall art at Central Working's Bloomsbury space. As a standout design, which we recognised truly reflected the personality of both Central Working and its members, we used a small portion of the illustration on the launch website as well as creating supporting graphics for printed items.


Central Working Launch Website

The new design for the first proper website for Central Working was designed to push the presentation of the company and logo into a completely new dimension. It was the start of a process that began to define a brand for Central Working. Taking the original logo and blog posts, then growing them into an instantly recognisable brand with real values, as well as a business with clear direction.

cw before cw after

From Personal to Professional

The difference is clear, the new design is a step change in messaging and creative direction. Whereas the previous website, which had been set up by one of Central Workings founders, felt 'in progress' - the new website very much set a flag in the ground and more confidently announced the launch of Central Working into the co-working startup scene.


New information pages were created to better communicate what Central Working is, why it was different to other co-working spaces and why Central Working was the ideal environment to start and grow businesses.


From the very start we knew wanted to make the enquiry and sign up process as easy as possible. Potential members are invited to send through as much, or as little, information as they think Central Working might need to get to know who they are before becoming members of the Central Working community.

central-working-postcard 1

Alongside the new website, Clear we're also asked to handle all print assets. Again, with only the original logo in hand we set about starting a process that would help define and grow the Central Working brand. With a single vision for a coherent visual style and tone that would then create a precedent for the next stage in the growth of Central Working.

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