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Central Working Phase 2 Print


Phase 2 of Central Working's growth saw them start the process of expanding their portfolio of co-working spaces, as well as reaching record highs in member numbers. With that explosive growth in mind we set about creating a rock-solid brand proposition - across web and print. Alongside a beautiful new website, we created a range of on-brand print design.

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Business Cards

The business cards we created for Central Working are designed to showcase the range of services on offer at the co-working space, but to also inject the brand personility we had nurtured and grown. Each card took an element from an original illustration that embodies the charachter of the team at Central Working, which mean each card has a small personality of its own.


Member Welcome Tri-Fold Card

When a new member signs up, their membership card is presented in a post card sized tri-fold card. The membership card itself is held in place at 2 opposite corners via die-cut slits, with the flight path of a paper airplane inviting the user to fully unfold the card. It's a wonderful way of 'gifting' the card to the new member, as well as having a record of their membership number alongside other vital information to get them collaborating at Central Working.


Tri-Fold Brochure

The postcard sized brochure became a mainstay of Central Working, a small pocketable brochure that can contain as much information as needed to sell the virtues of Central Working, and perfectly compliments being handed to a prospective member alongside a business card.


Lo-fi Member Engagement

Getting members collaborating isn't always the easiest of processes. Its for this reason we created a card that not only advertises other office services offered by Central Working, but reserves one side for the member to visually introduce themselves. To let the other members in the space know who they are and what they do visually - an instant ice breaker. It's a smaller card that sits perfectly alongside a laptop.


Everything we created for Central Working was designed with a single brand vision in mind. Right down to the menues in the coffee shop!


For events and other engagements being held at Central Working spaces we applied the same brand sensibility to t-shirts and sweatshirts. Members and outside attendees would immediatly know who was working, as well as getting a little taste of the brand.

TV Presenter

The coffee shop at Central Working Bloomsbury had a large TV embeded into a wall that gave us the opportunity to advertise meeting rooms, events and showcase Central Working. The presentation we created was a standard Keynote presentation, running across an Apple TV. It meant staffers could quickly update the presentation with new events and news, and everyone entering the space via the coffee shop got the latest events and space news.


Window and Frontage Design

Our work with Central Working runs so deep that we were also tasked to redesign and inform the direction of the clubs frontage. Making sure that the space was highly visible from key vantage points across the London high street.

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