Central Working

Central Working Website Phase 2


The 2nd phase in the evolution of Central Working. Where the original website we created has been used to present a professional feeling to a scrappy and growing startup, the new website had to push the brand further, create messaging opportunities that felt grander and start to truly lock down exactly what Central Working was. The illustration originally commissioned as a piece of wall art now became a part of the core brand experience.


The Sophie Henson created illustration, originally designed to feature on the stairwell at Central Working Bloomsbury, very quickly become a pivotal piece of the brand experience we wanted to create for Central Working. With the Bloomsbury club now in full swing, and an aggressive growth plan, we had to create a brand that showcased the unique nature of the Central Working offering.



We set about pulling key features out of the original illustration and redrawing them. Reconfiguring entire portions to fit into the new brand direction, and connect all of the various comms we were working on.


New Central Working Web Design

The new website takes a far bolder approach to its presentation. With a homepage designed to showcase all of the services offered by Central Working, meeting rooms, events and member news. The new 'feed' mixes blog posts and Central Working Tweets into a single stream of stories about growth of members and Central Working. A playlist of videos become the main star of the website, immediately conveying a variety of aspects of Central Working - with a range of member stories outlingin how Central Working have helped members businesses to succeed and grow.

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From Blog, to Brand with Character, Charm and Direction

The new site is the true start of the brand building we carried out for Central Working. With a fine combination of the previous informational website, alongside a visual direction that clearly sets a brand tone with values and charachter.


We built a bespoke meeting room booking engine in-house, which we premiered on the Central Working website. It was an instant hit, monetising rooms that would otherwise have remained empty.


The application process occurs in two stages. A potential new member first needs to get in touch with Central Working, supplying information relevant to who they are, what their business does and how Central Working can help them. They are then booked onto a tour and face to face meeting - where they choose to become members. It's a highly successful acquisition method.

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