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When we were originally approached by the Centre for Lebanese Studies, it was clear they needed a more modern web platform in which to showcase 30+ years of research work, as well as the ability to update and maintain the website themselves. With such a rich body of work we understood that an accessible website with an easy to understand hierarchy was needed.

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All New Website

The website presented us with an interesting challange straight away. How do make sure that everyone involved with the Centre for Lebanese Studies over the last 30 years felt like the website and body of work presented was still theirs and felt familiar, as well making sure that we galvanised a new generaration of researchers and acadamics to get invovled.

We wanted the website to feel accesible, to not bombard the user with a mass of information, but to clearly sign post core areas of the website they might want to visit. Helping them find their way.

All pages are built to be printer friendly, as well as screen reader friendly - making the site accesible to even more users.

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Through the use of tagging and drag-and-drop ordering of content in the content management system (CMS), we're able to give the Centre for Lebanese Studies an easy system to manage all of their content as well as making sure specifc programs such as 'Healing The Wounds of History' feel like mini compartmentalised websites in their own right. Every workshop or conference can simply be 'dropped' into this section within the CMS and the system does the job of making sure it's in the right place.

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Through a clear hierarchy of pages and content, we're able to make sure the user can travel through the site by making simple and informed choices - rather than clicking a link and hoping they're in the right place. Every page is an opportunity to present the wider context of the content being presented, and then lead the user to further detail.

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The Redesign

Whereas previously there was little order to content being presented, and a user would have to scan randomly across the page or to roll over / click on link to see where they might go, we were able to design the website to look much better and have a clear delineation of content. The previous website felt dated, the new website feels lighter and fresher - yet has all of the same content.

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