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As a relatively new player to recruitment, Dylan needed to land with a huge imapct and immediately set the tone for how they planned on conducting business.

We knew we had to turn the traditional recruitment paradigms on their head, and reinvent the entire online recruitment process. So we set about dismantiling the standard structure of almost every recruitment website in the same industry we came across, getting to the bottom of why their user experiences were designed as they were, why they all seemed to fall into a standard structure and template. Then designing a highly tuned and unique online experience that set Dylan far apart from everyone else working in their sector.

dylan awards

Let's Start With Awards

When you completely change the online recruitment game, not just for the sake of change, but to revolutionise the way candidates, clients and recruiters find and interact with each other you can expect to get some attention. Together with Dylan, we were completely overwhlemed by the response the website had. It wasn't just reverred by compititors, but lauded by a range of recruitment bodies and awards. Testament to the depth of ideas and strategy we applied to the design and strucutre of the web design.

NORA (National Online Recruitment Awards)
Winner, Best Agency Website - 2 years running

MARA (Marketing & Advertising Recruitment Awards)
Winner, Best Recruitment Website

Winner, Best Recruitment Website & Blog

An Introduction to Dylan

A short kinetic typography animation created to explain how Dylan works, the process by which candidates meet Dylan and the care and attention the team at Dylan give to everything they do.

dylan home

New Website

The core thrust of the website strategy was to elevate jobs to be the most powerful aspect of the website. Most recruitment websites will place just a hand full of jobs on the homepage, then put all of their jobs on a separate page that the user has to find, and in some cases there are no jobs shown on that page until the user carries out a search. We knew that the vast majority of visitors to the website were going to be candidates so why make them hunt around for jobs? Why not give them all of the available jobs as soon as they arrive on the site, the homepage is a single giant job board. The intention of the website is immediately communicated.

Search Without Searching

The magic of the new website isn't just in its layout and design. We built a powerful user interface that does the searching for you. Dylan is considered as an online recruiter, another member of the Dylan team - and with that Dylan recommends jobs to you based on what you look at and click on. When you 'star' a job, the website immediately parses the information in the job description and tags associated with that job, and shows you relevant recommendations.

Everything in View

Once you've cornered the perfect roles, we want to make sure the user doesn't have to click a job, be taken to a new page, then click back, to then click the next job in the row, to be taken to another page and so on... So we built functionality that presents the job alongside the search results. It means you can click through each job and never lose sight of your overall search results, the user is always in control. But we didn't stop there, in the same window we added the ability to quickly apply for the job, to attach a note, to share the job across a range of social networks as well as make a referal.

dylan howdylanworks

Web App UX & Functionality, in a Recruitment Website

The new Dylan website really is a revolution for online recruitment. It feels immediately familiar as a recruitment website, but that familiarity belies all of the technology that goes into making the user experience completely unique. We take all of the search functions that a user has to normally manually control, and turn them into simple clickable choices.

The more you use the Dylan website and interact with it, the more it learns about your searching habits and finely tunes the jobs it shows you. It means the candidate can make more informed choices without friction, and Dylan get applications from a better calibre of candidate applying for their jobs. In turn, Dylan's clients get the very best candidates filling their roles. Win, win and win.

dylan web recommends

Dylan's Recommendation Engine

It looks so simple, but the more you interact, the better the recommendations. We built a recommendation engine that can help a user traverse the range of available jobs by matching key criteria from each job with others. Those jobs are then displayed in a mini job board, fully optimised to the users interactions. This is powerful and well thought out recruitment web design.

dylan web mydylan

Everything In Its Right Place

A user can never lose track of what they've looked at and interacted with. Every interaction with jobs is remembered by the website allowing for faster tracking of what the user has been looking at. It means less browser tabs for the user and a far cleaner user experience. At a glance a user can see what they've applied for, recent and saved searches and more.


dylan staricon

Click the star on a job and the Dylan recommendation engine kicks into overdrive. It immedialtely starts to filter jobs based on what you've just starred and shows you a range of recommendations. It's just one small part of the reason that this particualr recruitment design sets itself apart from everyone else.

dylan glassicon

The magnifying glass carries out a single powerful task - 'find more like this'. When a user clicks it, the search funtion immediately groups jobs based on the job you were looking at. This is more finely tuned than the star, because it uses a stricter set of search criteria based on content in the original job.

dylan crossicon

Did Dylan recommend something that wasn't quite right? You can train Dylan by clicking the cross. It allows the website to look at the criteria within that particualr job, and learn that you don't want to see those types of roles. It takes online recruitment to a new level through effective design.

dylan othericon

Other icons across the site immediately signal to a user when they've applied for a job. As well as letting them add a note to job. The website also has deep social interaction, nothing entirely new for recruitment web design, but we made sure that when a job is shared, it opens in a beuatifully formatted page of its own.

dylan team

Team Pages and Then Some

When it comes to recruitment websites, there's a long list of traps they all seem to fall into. This is especially true when it comes to presenting the team. Rather than flat team pages, with no intended interaction with the user - we created deep team pages that gave each recruiter at Dylan their own space on the website. A particular recruiters jobs are all grouped together into a single page - where a user can follow them and their specialisation. Recruiters can also share their blog and Twitter feeds directly via the website, as well as allowing candidates and potential clients to contact them directly.

dylan mydylan

Deep User Experience Personalisation

With such a powerful website, we wanted to make sure that candidates were able to harness every feature of the website. Through a simple sign up process, candidates are given their own space on the website.

Personal profile
A mini Linkedin, a user can update their work experience and contact info whenever they need to and the team at Dylan are immediately informed, so they always have the most up to date information for each candidate.

Jobs applied for
With an account, a user can track jobs they've applied for. They can view the status of their application and how they're doing.

Saved searches
We gave users the option to save and quickly access multiple searches. We found users searched multiple times with only slight changes in criteria. So we gave them a one-click option to carry out various searches with tiny changes.

Occasionally, a user might want to tweak their resume or personal profile based on specific criteria in a job description. The ability to add quick notes against jobs means they can gather their thoughts as soon as they find the perfect job, and then save them to access later.

Saved consultants / messages
The human aspect of recruitment is incredibly important to Dylan. With a powerful website starting the user journey - it's down to the consultants to take over the process when an application is made. By giving the candidate direct access to the consultant online, via chat and social integration we create a more human experience - connecting online and real world experiences very closely.

dylan dylnit

Custom URL Shortener

Part of the larger online strategy for Dylan was for the company to become the go to place for recruitment industry news and views. That meant that any content shared across social networks and other websites needed to be quickly identifiable as uniquely Dylan. For that reason we designed and built a custom URL shortener and domain, dyln.it. Any article or shared content could be run through the URL shortener which would then create an on brand, unique and shortened custom URL.

dylan otherstuff

A Long Term Relationship

We've worked with Dylan hand in hand on a variety of different communications. All of the time pushing the website forward with more powerful features and content. The brand we evolved has become a tour de force in the recruitment industry, prompting competitors to play catch up, it set a benchmark for what can be acheived through a long term online strategy as well as carefully thought out recruitment design.

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