Approached by Keungzai to design their new Autumn/Winter catalogue, as soon as we saw the images and seasons colour palette we knew we have to make features of both without distracting from them. The very essence of design, great images and simple copy, come together to create a beautiful lookbook.

keungzai lb1

Beautiful Print Design

The hardest design to create is sometimes the simplest of designs in execution. How to distill a message or piece of communication right down to its very essential parts, without superfluous decoration that would distract a reader. Then make those simple, raw elements fit together to create a compelling piece of design that is sympathetic to what the client wants to convey and gets the message across to the reader with a huge amount of buy-in.

keungzai lb2

Interior page detail. Colour of detail page corresponds to the available colour of the garment.

keungzai lb3

Interior page detail

keungzai lb4

Interior page detail

keungzai lb5 1

Interior page detail

keungzai lb6

Interior page detail

keungzai lb7
keungzai lb8

Cover and Interior page detail

Supporting video. Photography and video by Odi Caspi.

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