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As one of the largest and leading digital and marketing recruitment agencies in the UK, Propel approached us look after their new web design and job board integration. The previous website no longer did justice to the scale, quality of standards and ethos present within the company. With a design already in the works we came in and completely revamped their creative direction, the way the company presents itself online and made sure we put in place a market leading website.

Project Update: We've recently carried out a visual and strategic web design update to the Propel website in collaboration with the Propel marketing team, you can view the updated visuals here.

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One Website, Two Homepages

Propel have 2 branches to their business, that require 2 distinct methods of communication. They help candidates and clients recruit into the digital and marketing industries, but also have a world class executive recruitment arm of the business that deals exclusively in high level management and leadership roles.

For that reason, we created a design for the homepage that immediately presents the user with the core homepage of the digital recruitment side of the agency, but allows those looking for the executive branch to quickly move to that sub site, without having to play tricks with URL . This has the knock on effect where navigation could potentially become 3 or more levels deep, we overcame this through thoughtful design of the structure of the website both on the font and back end, within the content management system.

propel recruitment before propel recruitment after

A New Web Design Fit For Purpose

The old website did nothing to convey the scale and level of service offered at Propel. Whilst it served as a simple web presence, the whole website had been left behind in terms of the recruitment industry. Smaller, boutique agencies were doing a better job of communicating their values, so the new website we designed for Propel had to leapfrog those websites to show a mature and well established business.

propel recruitment mobile

Mobile Optimised User Experience

The Propel website is fully mobile, with the core experience revolving around the job board, Propel/id and applications. We found the main users of the website from mobile devices were potential candidates. It's a very personal experience so we made sure they search and application process we both frictionless on mobile.

propel recruitment jobboard

Job Board

The web design for Propel features a job board integrated with their own recruitment software which allows Propel to push jobs to a variety of job boards, including their own. It means Propel only ever have to add a job in a single place and have it published to their own website as well as a range of other recruitment websites. They can then manage that job within a single place and have those updates propagate to all published recrtuitment websites. Applications from the website are also fed directly into their recruitment software.

propel recruitment jobsheet

Job Sheets

Clicking a job triggers a job sheet to scroll down from the top of the page, as if it was always waiting for the user, hidden behind the main navigation. It means a user never has to leave the job board or their search results and always has complete oversight over the list of jobs. The job sheets lets the user view more detail, apply and add to a pack. Job sheets are available throughout the website where jobs are linked or listed, a first for recruitment web design.

propel jobpack1
propel jobpack2

Job Packs

User can apply for a single job they find, or they can add jobs to a pack. We give the user 2 options in this case, to register and have their packs saved, or to create a pack and have it saved for a limited time. We quickly found that potential candidates were applying for individual jobs multiple times, or peppering applications through the day in order to browse and apply away from their desks! The job packs allow a user to build up a shortlist of favoured jobs and then apply just once for all of them.

propel recruitment blog events

Bespoke Blog and Events Engine

Propel are the go-to online destination for news and views regarding digital and marketing recruitment, they are incredibly active online and across social media. For that reason, we designed a built a blogging engine that gave more visibility to the number of posts on the website. As well as robust tagging system that allowed different posts to be direct to both the blog as well as other relevant pages.

Propel also host and promote events within their industry. The events engine we built allows for basic details to be added, but also for a head count to be set, where users can apply / register for tickets and we tally against the total number. It builds an air of exclusivity and allows Propel to get in touch with more of their contacts, more of the time, with relevant information.

propel recruitment team id

User Experience Personalisation

The team pages on Propel use the same powerful tagging system as the blog, meaning team profiles can be placed anywhere they are linked to on the website. Clicking on a team member launches a profile which also displays their list of jobs and blog posts.

In order to personalise the search experience, and allow deeper interactions between candidates and Propel, we developed Propel/id - a corner of the website that allows users to quickly register and keep Propel informed of who they are and their work history. Users are also able to save common searches so they are a single click away, as well as track jobs they have viewed and applied for.

propel recruitment wallsign
propel recruitment buscards

Extending The Brand

The visual strength of the website prompted Propel to adopt aspects of it across a range of communications. Examples shown are a business card and wall signage.

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