Clear enjoyed a multi-year relationship Soutron. Originally approached by Soutron to help bring clarity to their web design and strategy, we also carried out a variety of brand design across their main brand assets as well as their software offerings, as well as print, presentation and exhibition design.

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Web Design & Strategy

With such a wide range of digital services, that allow Soutron's clients to carry out a number of tasks, the challenge was to very quickly convey to users and potential clients exactly how Soutron could help them. We identified that the best way of doing that was to have those users identify with current and past Soutron clients. By telling their stories, and showcasing exactly how Soutron solved problems for them, we let those success stores do the job of explaining what Soutron do.

It's a simple approach that allowed us to create a simple structure to the website, that was easy to navigate and had clear calls to action. Through 3 clear 'spokes' we spilt Soutron across 3 areas, solutions, services and success stories. Allowing users to identify themselves across all 3 by solution type, service type or industry type. Sometimes the biggest challenges are overcome with the simplest of solutions.

soutron logo

Soutron already had a logo in place, which they were using across a range of assets. It was instantly recognisable within their industry so didn't feel it was right to completely change it. What we did realise was that there were small errors in layout and shading within the globe mark, and the ribbon 'S' that wrapped around it. So we redrew the mark from scratch, correcting the errors as well as making smaller improvements.

Software Family Branding

As Soutron fleshed out their product offering, we were asked to creating individual branding across the core software solutions. Each individual brand had to feel like the belonged to the same suite, as well as being recognisable as Soutron if the mark was used in isolation.


Soutron Global


Soutron Solo


Soutron Thesaurus

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Range of printed items

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We worked on a range of different assets for Soutron, PowerPoint presentations, booklets, print ads and exhibition signage. Making sure that every time we designed something new, it felt tightly integrated into the Soutron brand.

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