Start-ups approach us at all stages of their own development. Atrovate was one start-up that approached us whilst in the process of setting up their business and getting a team on-board. They had all the classic challenges of a start-up wanting to make an impression through design, validation of who they are and what they do is vitally important to start-ups in their early days of every start-up, and we set about validating Atrovate through strong brand and web design.

atrovate logo

New start-up, new logo

A logo needs to make a bold statement of intent, it's easy to get bogged down in the idea of creating clever flourishes or marks to accompany the name that won't stand up to the test of time. With Atrovate, we approached their logo design from the point of view of selecting the right colour and typeface to set an intentional tone for everything else the start-up would create. The chiseled edge follows the line of the 'A' to create a point of visual interest.

atrovate businesscards

Business Card Design and More

As standard, we kit out the start-ups we work with with basic printed assets - things like business cards, email signatures and social media assets. Business cards are a powerful tool, something physical you can leave with someone, and if it's well designed and connects visually with an overall brand or a website, it can make a lasting and positive impression.

atrovate website

Web design fit for a start-up with not a lot to say!

When you start a new venture, it can be hard to collect enough content to flesh out a website. Most start-ups have a vision statement and a core set of phrases that explain what they do. But without a body of work in place, or a team on board, start-ups need help defining exactly how to tell their story.

We developed a clear strategy for Atrovate's one page website, that split their story into 3 distinct parts that naturally flows one after the other:

  • introduce Atrovate
  • explain what they do
  • create a point of action

Within single page website design we're able to encompass everything Atrovate do and validate them to potential visitors and future clients. The website also had room for growth, we were able to hide a much larger team section for launch. As the Atrovate team grew they could reactivate that section and add more content, a growing website for a growing business.

atrovate macdemo
atrovate iphonedemo

Looks good on every device

From big screens to little screens, the way users browse websites, and the locations they're in has changed. The designs we create and websites we build are always designed to look great across a range of devices.

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