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We were approached by Vizzle very early in their own development. As a start-up, they faced all the usual issues of a rapidly evolving business settling into itself. We needed to help root their message and visuals, to give them an established feeling, but keep them very firmly in the start-up spectrum. They were starting with a clean slate and so needed a full suite of communications, from logo, print design and web design - everything coming together to help build a new brand.

vizzle logo

New Brand

Very early on, we knew we wanted to create a vibrant brand and mark. Through an iterative creative process, we settled on strong visual to represent the letter 'V', which in turn would give us an equally vibrant colour pallete to work with. The lone 'V' also works very well on its own.

vizzle logo deconstructed2

Deconstructing The New Brand

There is a huge amount of thought goes into creating a new logo or brand, one aspect is how we can make it more extensible. By picking up on a vivid range of colours from the spectrum, we allow the logo to be used in slightly different way through colour. The logo itself fits across a strict mathematical grid, so we know every part fits together perfectly.

vizzle brandcolours

Brand Colours & Fonts

The range of colours and choice of a friendly, open feeling typeface all come together to create a single vibrant set of visual tools. Exactly the sort of feeling we wanted, where in the world of start-ups you need to stand out incredibly quickly. The whole brand and creative flow comes together to feel like a matured start-up, not one just finding its feet. It's an awesome start.

vizzle print4
vizzle print3
vizzle cards 1

Print and Brand Extension

The best illustration of how we can use the bold mark and colours is in the print executions. Here, we can offset the bright colours against darker tones, as well as use any colour from the brand toolkit on larger areas for a huge amount of visual impact. The Vizzle V can also be used to great effect, enlarging and abstracting its shape. By doing this we cement the use of the visual style as being uniquely Vizzle. Individually each peice feels strong, but taken together and the start-up suddenly feels like it means business.

vizzle broadcastlogo

TV and Channel Logo Usage

As a video production start-up, we wanted to make sure that videos produced by Vizzle were on-brand and recognisable as being Vizzle whatever medium you found them on or however they might be shared. Part of the process of designing the new brand was to create a slightly transparent version of the Vizzle V to sit in the top left of videos as a channel logo.

vizzle spreader
vizzle wholeweb

The Perfect Start-up Website

When starting out on a new web design we'll always try and outline a content plan and structure. For most start-ups the process is different, mainly this is because they have a core message they want to communicate but don't neccesarily have a vast amount more their able to say. This isn't because they don't have anything of value to add, but because they're so new they haven't been able to build up their narrative yet. For that reason there are 2 things we need to consider.

1 - How do you design and build a website that will grow in the early few months of the start-up? That lets them mould and change what they're communicating as the business settles and finds its stride.

2 - How do you make sure the web design isn't a poor experience for the user when there isn't a great deal of information? If a user had to click on page after page to get just a few sentences (albeit well written) regarding the business, what they do, examples of work etc then they'll soon realise the pay-off isn't big enough in comparison to the amount of time they need to spend on your website.

We overcome both issues through designing a 'single page' website. From the top down, we essentially tell the story of the business. More than that we set up a process by which to convert a user into an enquiry as they scroll the page. The user still has the standard controls such as a top level navigation, which when used causes the page to automatically scrolls to that section.

For launch, the website also had sections that could be hidden from the front end, such as the video examples. So when Vizzle had grown as a business and were in a position to upload videos they've produced they could re-enable that section. Instant and easy growth for their most vital commuications tool in step with their own company growth.

vizzle scrolled1

Scrolled view to Services section

vizzle scrolled2

Scrolled view to Contact section

vizzle ipad
vizzle iphone
vizzle iphone2

Website Mobile View

From the get go, the new web design and Content Management System were designed and built to look great on every device. This wasn't a stripped down version of the Vizzle website, it's the whole website, with integrated video feeds and enquiry forms.

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