Metro Furniture

Metro are a design led team, and so appreciate that their online store needed to be a rock solid mix of quality and style as well as a robust shopping experience. We designed a timeless feel to the brand through bold use of imagery and typography, and thoughtfully connecting each piece back to its historical significance in the world of high end furniture design and designers.

metro logo

Logo Design

When developing the brand, we couldn't design a logo that would distract from the products and designs of the furniture. We knew we wanted to use it in a large way online and in other print designs, and so developed a logo designed to sit within a grid that purposefully felt restrained, but with a well considered aesthetic. In turn the grid layout allows us to inform every other design we created.

metro brandcoloursfonts3

Brand Colours & Fonts

The colour palette was carefully chosen to have complimentary colours that contrasted with each other sharply when mixed. A supporting colour scheme was created from colours used in the famous Eames DSW chair range. Fonts used are bold and chosen because they're highly legible and work at both large and smaller sizes in different weights.

metro fontuse1
metro fontuse2

Online Typography

Our approach in using the typeface online was to set out a clear method of all using all caps for titles, with a very specific placement against images and colours. It sets a unique and bold look and feel for Metro where large and small graphics look great.

metro stationery

Stationery & Print

The printed items all take the same approach as the online look and feel. Bold use of the logo set against a strict grid placement. All of it coming together to compliment the brand and website.

metro eamespop
metro homepage
metro ipad
metro iphone

Ecommerce Website

The new web design brings together all of the brand, brand toolkit and typographical choices together to create a highly compelling buying experience. The website is designed to feel like a large visual experience selling the aspirational nature of the products.


Product List

When it comes to e-commerce, visuals sell products. For that reason, Product lists make use of the largest images we could fit on screen. Titles and costs are clear and legible against those images.

metro product

Product Details

Detail pages follow the same reasoning as the rest of the web design, images, titles and price are clear and bold. Lending themselves to more of a printed page design. Purchase options are kept to a minimum and the choices are easy to find. Images can be enlarged into a full screen slideshow of pictures.

metro designerspot


Although Metro source and sell high quality reproduction designer furniture, they understand that potential customers are on their website because they are looking for designer furniture at affordable prices. For that reason we created pages devoted to the designers of the original products. Those pages also highlight the designers products. It all helps with the aspirational buy-in for the customer.

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