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Mash approached us with multiple challenges, how to engage and entice potential new staffers to register with Mash, to get current staffers to engage with current roles and opportunities as well as how to get potential new clients to pick Mash over their competitors. The website and systems integration we designed enabled Mash to continue with their usual work-flow with no disruption, but harness more of the data they at hand. We also showcased their past work with an innovative case study builder tool and aggregator.

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New Website

The website was designed to immediately convey the type of clients, work and scale of business Mash is. Through quickly presenting short testimonials we engage with every kind of user.

A simple job board allows a user to quickly find local and relevant opportunities and see more detail. As a large business, we released Mash had some impressive numbers when it came to how much work they had carried out, the value of that work and the sheer number of staffers they had found work for. Together, we gathered that data and represented through a number flipboard, which would incrementally change at a predetermined point in time to add the average figure to the total number. It's impressive showboating, but when coupled with great design and the evidence of work on the site, it comes together to tell the story of success for Mash, their candidates and their clients.

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The Creative Change

The original change we made was quite stark. The previous website had a tone and personality that didn't fit with the depth and creativity of what Mash Staffing do. By using images and type in a more striking manner, we're able to make bolder and clearer statements. The user experience is enhanced through this simplification of message as we lead them through the website.

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A selection of subpages

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CRM Integration / Job Applications

The nature of the work Mash carry out means they're not always able to mention the clients the work with, or the specifics of what the work might be. Essentially, they could 'let the cat out the bag', if they were to mention they needed staffers for a specific product launch, and so they have to mention work in general terms. More detail is available within the staffing database tool, Moogle, that a user has to sign up to. We designed and built a job board that pulled data in from Moogle, and then channeled the data points we needed into the website, letting the user see general location, an abstracted title, the number of staffers required for specific roles and more.

We also made it easy for current staffers to log straight into the Moogle system, and be taken directly to the job they were looking at from within the website, a seamless user experience.

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Reverse Integration to Boot

Mash utilised Moogle, a staffing database and jobs tracking tool. We integrated the Mash website with Moogle to allow staffers to log directly into the system, but we had to work with Moogle to tweak their system a little to allow Mash to push job data to the website. We designed the user flow, that then sat inside Moogle, that allowed Mash to add a few specific data points that would then populate the website job board when 'pushed'.

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